Defenders Decoy Falcon (Life-Like Bird of Prey, Deters Bird and Animal Pests such as Pigeons from Garden Areas), 14 inch (35.5 cm)

14 inch (35 cm) life-like bird of prey shaped deterrent repels bird pests such as pigeons, seagulls and crows from roosting and nesting in outdoor, garden areas
Humane falcon bird scarer has natural colouring and life-like features to ensure effectiveness against garden bird pests; safe for use around children and pets
Falcon shaped bird repellent has an integral base and anchor point so it can be fixed onto fences and walls

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Defenders Decoy Heron (Standing Grey Heron Deters Bird Pests from Attacking Garden Ponds and Fisheries), 30 inch (76 cm)

Life-like, durable 30 inch (76 cm) heron deterrent decoy protects ponds, fisheries and aquatic areas in outdoor, garden areas
Humane heron scarer is weatherproof with natural colouring to deter bird pests in garden areas; safe for use around children and pets
Detachable fixing stake included to secure heron repellent to affected pond areas

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The Buzz Citronella Candle Bucket (Decorative Steel Candle Bucket, Wind Resistant Wick, 18 Hours Burn Time for Outdoor, Garden Use) – Large

12 cm tall, 13 cm diameter decorative steel bucket filled with citronella candle; comes with plastic lid to cover when not in use
Outdoor citronella candle has a wind-resistant wick for reliable burning in garden areas
Garden citronella candle bucket has a burn time of 18 hours

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The Buzz Citronella Pillar Candle (38 Hours Burn Time for Outdoor, Garden Use)

Citronella pillar candle is a substantial all-round candle for use outdoors in gardens
Outdoor citronella pillar candle has a burning time of 38 hours and emits a natural citronella aroma, ideal for summer evenings
Suitable for use outdoors, in gardens, on patios, at BBQs or camping

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