Blagdon Green Away – 250ml

Rapidly clears green water
Enhances mechanical filtration
Naturally safe and plant friendly

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Blagdon Pond Sludgebuster, Each Sachet Treats 500 Gallons of Pond Water (Pack of 20)

Creates a healthy clean pond by actively consuming pond sludge
Reliable – dried form gives unlimited shelf life
Safe – will not harm fish, plants or pond wildlife

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Blu Line Pond Deep leaf net bag with a short pole

Deep Leaf net for scooping debris from the pond
can be used to remove fish
short telescopic pole 3x35cm

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Bluline Swimming pool net leaf skimmer with telescopic pole pools and spas

Suitable for ponds pools and hottubs
With 3 x40 cm pole with Ez-Connector allowing the pole to be used for other nets
Flat net for skimming the waters surface

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ClearWaters Pond Blanket Weed Treatment

A natural pond treatment with algaecide for the fast, 100% effective and complete control of the common garden pond problems of blanket weed (string algae), slime algae and nuisance duck weed!
This fast-acting, year-round solution delivers excellent results within two weeks and — unlike other treatments — clears algae and blanket weed in water temperatures as low as 4°C!
A tried and tested year-round treatment for tackling blanket weed that dissolves quickly without turning the water milky to help you rediscover the true beauty of your pond!

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This item is produced under the Cost Wise trademark to ensure you get the quality you deserve

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Decdeal 9V 1.8W Solar Water Pump Garden Fountain Solar Pond Pumps for Fish Ponds

🌞🌞🌞〖9V 1.8W Solar Panel Power〗:Make use of solar energy, need no extra power, energy-saving and environmentally friendly.
🌞🌞🌞〖Quick Start&Stable performance〗:It will restart within 3 seconds once the sunlight appears.
🌞🌞🌞〖Different Water Spray Patterns〗:This solar pump comes with 3 tubes and 4 types of sprinkler heads will make different water flows.

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Decdeal 9V 2W Solar Powered Water Pump Submersible Brushless Fountain Kit for Bird Bath Pond Pull 200L/H 150cm Lift

✔ Solar powered fountain pump kit, no other power or battery needed,brushless water pump, lower consumption and pumps water easily.
✔ Easy to install and use, energy-saving and environmental-friendly,tempered glass processing for solar panel, durable, abrasion resistant and not easy ageing.
✔ 4pcs different fountain nozzles included; max. Max. Lift of Pump: 150cm Max. Water Height: 50-80cm

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Direct Global Trading The Shannon Black Plastic Garden Instant Wildlife Preformed Pond

Instant Pond, 91cm length x 28cm (depth) x 64cm width
Manufactured from tough High Density Polyethylene
Maximum durability, 20 year guarantee, 70 litre capacity

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DuckWeed – 1 Large TableSpoon (70 Grams) – Oxygenating plant

DuckWeed (Oxygenating Plant) in 1 x LRG TableSpoon. More avaliable in shop at cheaper price. Collected from the lake on the morning. What you will receive: 1 x LRG TableSpoon of DuckWeed. Duckweed will usually out compete algae. You rarely get green water in a tank covered with duckweed. Other Health Benefits. Duckweed grows fast, therefore it needs lots of nutrition — exactly the same things your fishes give off — ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, phosphates, and carbon dioxide. Oscars, and other
DuckWeed LRG TableSpoon (50 grams)
Will include the Lincolnshire Pond Plants – Responsible supplier leaflet

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DuraBulb Replacement UV (Ultra Violet) Bulb Lamp for Pond UVC Filters & Clarifiers 5W 7W 9W 13W

DuraBulb Replacment Ultra Violet UVC bulb for pond filters and clarifiers
UV PLS Tubes
253.7nm UV output for maximum sterilisation

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elodea densa Pond Plants Oxygenating Plant 5 Strands Ceramic

Egeria Densa dense water weed common name pond weed, this is one of the best growers and there is no issue with cultivation. Home is southeast Brazil and Argentina. The dense variety displays extremely thick compact leaf growth along the stem, excellent oxygenator and is currently used within education for photosynthesis experiments. Grows well in ponds and aquariums.
Area/Height: Background 60-80cm CO2: 10-20mg/l
Light/Temperature: high-medium / 1-28 degrees C

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