LIUMY Solar Fountain Pump, 1.4W 150L / H Circle Solar Power Water Fountain Panel with 5 Attaches, Floating Pump for Pond, Fountain, BirdBath, Garden Decoration, Water Cycling, No Electricity Required

✿Advanced Solar Fountain Pump✿ Solar water fountain pump with monocrystalline solar panel, In the enough sunlight automatically pumps water, new solar panels that work even with blocking leaves. It comes with 4 nozzles in different sizes, choose any one spray water pattern you like.
✿Easily Use/Floating /Environmental✿ 1.4W solar fountain, maximum 70cm height solar water pump with 4 different nozzles. Floating free standing (there is a foam board), no cables needed, just put the pump well on the water, If the solar panel gets enough power, it will start in 3 seconds. No need for battery or electricity, 100% safe and environmentally friendly.
✿Create Relaxing Atmosphere✿ Running at a whisper-quiet level, the motor inside produces no noise, which gives you a quiet environment even with one in your bedroom.Easy to install and use, 3 strong suction cups suit both vertical or horizontal mounting firmly onto the glass surface.

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Suitable for the safe inflation of vehicle & cycle tyres, sports balls, inflatable toys and camping accessories
Rugged steel construction with non-slip foot pedal and two extra large barrels
Easy to read pressure gauge with psi and bar measurements and adjustable Max pressure needle

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Small Fresh Start for Ponds

Makes tap water safe
Removes chlorine, chloramine and heavy metals
Ideal for new ponds

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Soft Green Anti Butterfly Netting for Garden Fruit Crop Protection

Stop cabbage white butterflies and birds
Made from HDPE and is UV stabilised
This netting will last 5-10 years

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Solar Fountain Pump, 2.5W Solar Fountain Pump with Built-in Battery, 6 Nozzles Water Pump Kit Bird Bath Fountain Pump Outdoor Watering Submersible Pump for Pond, Pool, Garden, Fish Tank, Aquarium

Idling & Blocking Protection – Solar floating fountain water pump will stop work after 15 seconds automatically if the product is blocked or the sunshine is weak. That will extend its lifespan. Then you need to add water or clean the pump. Restart it manually or it will restart automatically next morning.
Upgrade Fountain Pump – Improved the shortcoming of spraying water only when the sunlight is stronger, Built-in high-performance polymer lithium battery, Fountain Pump work 4-6 hours after the battery is full. During the day, water can be sprayed while charging,
6 Nozzles – This solar water pump kit with 6 nozzles allows you to choose fountain water patterns at will, It helps to change the height of water in different water patterns. Works well when sunlight is sufficient. Runs automatically in 3s when the sun is out, making it a great choice of garden ornaments solar powered.

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Straame Garden Netting 2m x 10m – Anti Bird Pond Plant Protection Mesh Pest Control

Straame Branded Garden Netting
2m x 10m Netting Roll
Ideal for many garden useStrong but lightweight woven garden netting to help prevent damage to crops.s including protecting fruit and vegetables from birds, and covering fish ponds.

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Swell UK Barley Straw Bale 2PK Blanket Weed Pond Treatment Mini Bale

Barley straw is an ideal, natural way of controlling blanketweed
Barley straw is an environmentally friendly method for combatting algae and blanketweed
The mini bale for ponds treats up to 4500 litres of water (1000 gallons) and lasts for up to 6 months

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Tetra Pond Crystal Water, Effectively Clears Dirty Pond Water

Quickly clears murky, brown water
Clumps particles so they sink, or are then more easily removed by the filter
Safe for fish, plants and wildlife

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Tetra Pond Sticks

Protein 28%
Floating stick food
Suitable for all pond fish

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Tetra Pond Sticks, Complete Food for All Pond Fish for Health, Vitality and Clear Water, 15 Litre

Complete staple food for all pond fish
allowing fish to feed easily
Easy-to-eat formula reduces nutrient loss to the water

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Westland Aquatic Compost, 20 litres

20L Compost
Suitable for a wide range of aquatic plants
Sterilised soil & grit for healthy aquatic plants

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XS- Extra Small Pond Pack Bareroot

Pond Pack Extra Small – contains a purple iris, juncus grass, elodea densa (oxygenator), Myosotis Scorpiodes (forget me not), Nymphoides Peltata and 4 x 11cm aquatic baskets. Ideal for toping up a small pond or starting a pond. It is mainly native plants that offer a welcome habitat for a range of wildlife from frogs to dragon flies.
Plants sent bareroot with pots included
High quality mixture of roxygenator & flowering pond plants

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