Blagdon Green Away – 250ml

Rapidly clears green water
Enhances mechanical filtration
Naturally safe and plant friendly

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ClearWaters Pond Blanket Weed Treatment

A natural pond treatment with algaecide for the fast, 100% effective and complete control of the common garden pond problems of blanket weed (string algae), slime algae and nuisance duck weed!
This fast-acting, year-round solution delivers excellent results within two weeks and — unlike other treatments — clears algae and blanket weed in water temperatures as low as 4°C!
A tried and tested year-round treatment for tackling blanket weed that dissolves quickly without turning the water milky to help you rediscover the true beauty of your pond!

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Tetra Pond Sticks

Protein 28%
Floating stick food
Suitable for all pond fish

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